U2CANMAKEMONEY is a cyberspace resource for people who want to make money online working from their homes. Whether you just want to make extra money to buy that special someone a super gift or to take that vacation you have been dreaming about or you want to quit your job and become self employed, you can do it! U2CANMAKEMONEY will show you how. Our motto is “you don’t need money to invest before you can make money”. What’s needed is something worth money that you can trade for an online business opportunity. For those who don’t have money to invest, what they have of value is their time and we know that time is money! Our online business opportunities show you how to invest your time to make money online. For those with money to invest, our plans can provide faster results. Without money, it just takes a little longer.
“If it ain’t free, I don’t want it”, is the foundation of our programs. So, all of our recommended business opportunities are either entirely free or offer a free trial period to start. You don’t pay anything to get going! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliate marketing (AM) programs that don’t require any money to start. We have found affiliate marketing to be the easiest way to start an online business. So, the vast majority of the programs on this site are affiliate marketing. We also believe that spreading the work around makes it easier to grab success, so we are also enthusiastic about multi-level-marketing (MLM). Combining the proven techniques of AM and MLM, you can reach your goal of making money online.
The mainstay of our business is GLOBAL DOMAINS INTERNATIONAL (GDI). As internet marketers we need a web presence and GDI provides a great website package. It is the only web hosting company with its own internet extension (.WS), i.e., .COM, .NET, .ORG, .etc. that also uses the MLM and AM models to sell its services. After a 7 day free trial, it only costs $10 monthly which can be easily offset by building your downline. All of our activities are designed to provide our GDI downline with the support needed to reach our team goal: recruit 10 committed people to each of our first level downlines. When we’ve accomplished this through 5 levels, we’ll be millionaires.
Our journey requires that we master the six steps to successful internet marketing (IM):
1. finding your niche
2. selecting affiliate vendors with products for your niche
3. creating an effective landing page
4. creating ads/promotions that drive tons of traffic to your landing page
5. delivering the product while exceeding expectations
6. follow-up
We are constantly searching online and offline to find techniques which will assist our team to master these six steps. Our findings are shared exclusively with our GDI downline published and emailed in the “U2CANMAKEMONEY TIP SHEET”.
Our climb to the mountain top is exciting as we pool our efforts and celebrate together each day’s progress. With each step forward, we’ll explode with pride and a sense of fulfillment brought about by our collective efforts.
We are working together to assist both the unemployed and the employed to become self employed.
Join our quest for wealth and financial independence. MAKE MONEY ONLINE!